#witty title

#and equally witty headline here

hi i write and draw and game, sometimes.

one day i'll make an actual website
with actual content but today is not that day.



NAME lapin

PRONOUNS he/they

LIKES add, writing, drawing, creating, being lazy, chocolate, color: cyan, vidya games, cats&bunnies

DISLIKES bugs, gore, blood, body horror, any type of horror or creepy things

the sleepiest bun

catch me lazing on various video games, in the name OF FASHION !!! otherwise i'm lazily chatting on discord or some forum while attempting to be productive via drawing or writing.

i'm gonna make a blog... !!!

some day.


you can generally find me here

more links to other links, yay !!!

contact.io for email+ the quickest response
(alternatively: the above three media)
or listography for those and other various locations